Agri Star's award-winning, top quality poultry line is renowned for its succulent taste! Our supplier: Agri Star is the only kosher processor in the USA to utilize the benefits of sophisticated European Air Chill Technology. By chilling and cooling chickens with purified frozen air, it eliminates water absorption and cross contamination. The net result is a more flavorful and healthier poultry product. Agri Star's poultry line received the distinguished gold medal award from the renowned Cook's Illustrated magazine. Agri Star only utilize poultry that are raised on free-roam farms and are kept on a natural diet of corn and grains – completely free of preservatives, artificial ingredients and harmful growth stimulants. Additionally, all our poultry products are packaged in leak proof, industrial-grade wrapping.

We distribute Agri Star’s award winning flavorful and hormone -free Kosher chickens. We can also customize your order to your specifications in our USDA cutting facility: we specialize in airline breasts, boneless, skinless, ground chicken and more.

Cornish Hen
Our Kosher Cornish Hen’s are perfect to delight any table.

We carry premium Kosher duck to cater to the most discriminating palate.

Indulging in our kosher goose will take your menu to the next level.