Ice Cream

Our suppliers travel the world to locate superior new products, these include premium ice cream from Belgium, frozen desserts from Israel, Canada, and other countries around the world. Our goal is to continually offer our consumers yet more products of distinction which can meet our strict standards of quality and Kosher certification. We are the proud distributors of world-famous company’s such as NESTLE Israel, Strauss Israel, Mehadrin, Brown Brother’s / Absolute Fruit, Double Rainbow, Tofutti, and Abe’s. All of these manufacturers recognize that Tzali’s is the right distributor to target its market. It is a sign of the high regard which our name is accorded, that we are approached on a regular basis by various manufacturers, hoping that we will distribute their goods.

Our rich and creamy dairy ice creams are an absolute delight. We carry individual bars, family containers, ice cream cakes and commercial tubs. All of our dairy ice creams are Cholov Yisroel - the strictest standard of Kosher for dairy products.

Pareve Sorbet/Non-Dairy
Our Pareve ( Non - Dairy ) line of ice creams are refreshingly delicious. Enjoyed in homes and restaurants, and required by executive chefs when a non-dairy dessert is needed.